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Standard hire is 6 days unless otherwise arranged.

Payment: Payment is required on or prior to delivery of your skip bin. We accept cash on delivery paid to our driver or credit card via phone. 
Please be advised that the contents of the skip will remain the property of the customer until payment is received in full.

Delivery & Collection: We operate Monday to Saturday, and Sunday by request. We will do our best to place your skip bin where you request however please understand not all requests are able to be met – please chat with our drivers for an understanding.

Please be advised that we cannot place bins on the road or footpath without a council permit as fines will apply. Our trucks require a minimum width of 3m space to reduce the risk of damage to the truck and our customer’s property – should you have a narrow space please ensure you let our office staff know at the time of booking.

All care is taken by our drivers to ensure the delivery and collection of the skip is carried out in a safe manner. Cheapa Skips WA will not be held accountable for any damage caused to the customer’s property, where, the driver has adhered to the customer’s instructions. Please do not move your skip from its delivery position. If the skip has been moved from its delivery position, and there is damage caused by the driver when collecting the skip, Cheapa Skips WA will not be held accountable.


Please remember skip bins are metal - if you ask for the skip to be positioned on your driveway there is always the chance of movement on pickup which may cause damage. We suggest for new driveways or larger skips that the customer places timber planks down for the bin to be placed on - Cheapa Skips WA do not supply these.

Loading Your Skip: Please do not overload your skip. Your waste must be contained within the skip, and not be filled past the top of the bin. No items are permitted to be protruding. Should the skip be overloaded, and our driver cannot collect, you will be charged a futile delivery fee*. Should our driver need to remove or rearrange items from the skip you will be charged a rearrangement fee*.
*See additional charges. Futile delivery charges will apply if the skip is refused on delivery* Futile collection charges will apply if the skip is not ready for collection when our driver arrives*

Hire Period: The cost of your skip covers a hire period of 1 - 7 days however the hire can be extended or reduced as required*. Should you wish to extend your hire, please contact the office to make the arrangement 24hrs prior to your scheduled collection date. Early collection can be arranged and your skip should be collected within 24hrs of your call. 


Extended hire is available from $75.00* per 7 days, this must be arranged at least 24hrs prior to collection date.

($30.00per day out of area)


Skip may be hired and extended for a maximum of 3 months (12 weeks) in total. After this period, you will be required to arrange a changeover or, collection of your bin.

*Futile collection charges will apply if the skip is not ready for delivery / collection when our driver arrives.

Types of Waste: General waste is classed as anything that can break down, such as: wood, plastic, paper, metal, household/domestic, green waste* etc. General waste has a weight allowance and Cheapa Skips WA reserves the right to apply additional charges as required. *green waste: tree stumps must be cut smaller than 30cm wide and 80cm in length. *not general waste: food waste, sand, bricks, rocks, tiles, concrete, pavers, dirt, soil, turf, cement.

Heavy waste is categorized as sand, bricks, rocks, tiles, concrete, pavers, dirt, soil and turf.
No wet cement allowed.

Hazardous waste is not accepted. This includes asbestos, gas bottles, and flammables such as paint, oils, chemicals and pesticides - additional charges will apply & the product will be returned to you if found in the skip.

Car tyres are accepted from $30.00 each and must be placed on the top of the skip* 

Batteries are accepted but must be placed at the front, on the outside of the skip in full view of the driver to see and manually collect.

Strict laws exist for the safe and correct disposal of asbestos. Department of Environment fines will apply if asbestos is placed in a Cheapa Skips WA bin without prior arrangement. Asbestos regulations must be strictly adhered to or, the skip will not be collected. You may be required to re-pack and re-tape the asbestos as per Department of Environment regulations. Skips MUST be lined with black plastic. Asbestos sheets are to be bundled (10 to 15 sheets per bundle and bundles are to be fully wrapped with heavy duty black plastic and secured with heavy duty tape everywhere. Once you have ensured the bundles will not break open they can then to be placed in the lined skip bin. * see extra charges. * asbestos transport is by prior arrangement only. * heavy fines apply if the conditions of asbestos removal are not met.

Additional Charges; not limited to list below:

Tyres from $30.00ea ($50.00ea out of area)

Mattress from $57.00ea ($80.00ea out of area)

Gas bottles from $120.00ea

Disposal of contaminated skip from $250.00

Garnet $ TBA
Hazardous waste $ TBA (At the discretion of management)

Larges stumps from $50.00ea (Greater than 30cm diameter/more than 80cm in length)
Palm material from $15.00m3 (Fronds & stems only - stumps will be charged at the above price)


Futile collection from $90.00 (Skip not ready for collection)

Futile delivery from $90.00 (Skip delivery refused)
Rearrangement of waste from $90.00 (Rearrangement of waste protruding from skip, by driver, upon collection of skip)
Reinforced concrete from $85.00ea (Large pieces)
Reload of contaminated skip from $250.00 (Remove prohibited waste from bin & reload - further charges will apply if proper disposal is required by customer)

* Item list is not limited to the above. * Cheapa Skips WA price match to competitors within reason * Prices are subject to vary / change without notice


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